Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Holidays and Birthdays

Our lives have been so full but stress free, which is what I like.

Alexia had an excellent semester pulling in A's and B's with one C in a Biology Lab. She met some wonderful friends in a Psych class she took and continues to take on the educational world! She will be turning 23 tomorrow (incredible isn't it)and is having a party with her friends at Taro's tomorrow night. She also was one of our major donor's at the Hearts of Hope Holiday party. We had a local non-profit provide dinner and outstanding gifts for the Heart children, Alexia stepped up at provided for the siblings. It was a memorable evening.

Aden turned 8 on Christmas Day and we had a party for him a couple weeks prior at a local roller skating rink. 25 children were there roller skating and having a great time. Two women baked his cake, their blog is The Cake Stand. The photos of the Indiana Jones Lego Cake are below, incredible! Aden's 2nd grade class was also part of the CWS Winter Concert. The class performed two songs in Swedish that are part of the tradition for Santa Lucia Day. This class continues to amaze me! When they perform I become transfixed and cannot take my eyes off of them. We are so lucky to have the teacher we have that brings so much to these children!

Christmas was awesome with way too many gifts but spread out from Christmas Eve through Christmas night was not too overwhelming. Christmas Day we served Frokust, which is a Danish tradition meaning "Cold Table". This stems from Carl's Danish background and has become an important part of out family.

My Aunt and Uncle from Pittsburgh, PA will be here on Wednesday and we will be spending much quality time with them. No doubt, tons of food!

Enjoy the photos:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent Spiral