Monday, January 19, 2009

I love Sunny California Weather

We have been having the most beautiful weather in Sacramento for the last several days. Alexia starts back to school tomorrow and will transfer after this semester. It won't be too bad riding Paratransit in the sunshine.

Aden continues to love school and has the best friends that any mom could hope for. His teacher is over-the-top in excellence and wants nothing more then the best for these kids. Once again, I am counting my blessings for everything surrounding this school, I really couldn't ask for much more.

I have helped bring a 10 month old in from the Republic of Kyrgyz. He has a complicated congenital heart defect and Dr. Mainwaring is doing surgery on him this Thursday. Obviously this is a donated surgery and the baby should be fixed after this. I love doing these types of things.

The building that Carl's Art Studio/Gallery caught on fire on New Years Eve. Fortunatley non of our stuff was damaged other then smoke damage but now we have everything in our house untill the building is renovated. Needless to say we are a little cramped.

I am aching to see some movies, I am so far behind it is not funny. anybody need a movie partner?

Random photos to follow:

Andrea and I at Taro's By Mikuni

Aden and I at the state Capital with my Aunt and Uncle

Alexia and her Grey's Anatomy cake

A piece by my husband, love this one!

May Faire Music

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Carlla said...

Hi Valerie, it was nice hearing from you. Alexa is 22...Wow thats amazing! You have been blessed! Cute pictures. I love her cake!!
I have another son, Darrion, he will be 13 in June. We also enjoy sunny California weather! :)
Thanks for the comment!