Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alexia's 22nd birthday

Today is Alexia's 22nd B-day. Twenty-two years ago this morning the Doctor told me she would never walk and mostly likely be blind and deaf, if she lived passed 3-years-old. She is amazing, in the middle of her 4th year in college. Very bright, very social and a sweetheart. She has changed my life and made me what I am today.

Please post a Bithday greeting here as she loves to read this Blog and it would be a great surprise!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Party weekend

This past weekend was very busy. Amber and I threw a Holiday party at the hospital for children (with congenital heart disease) and their families. We had family portraits available (free of charge) with a potluck, Santa and tons of gifts (sold to us with a nice discount by It was a very fun night. Then, Sunday afternoon I invited 15 of my girlfriends over for a wine and appetizer party, of which I spent all morning 6:00AM to 3:00PM cooking for. It was also a toy drive for the hospital and I received a ton of toys to give to Child Life at Sutter Memorial. The appetizers were a plenty and I received rave reviews for the Onion-Thyme dip I made. I did not use the soup mix recipe, it was all from sratch and if anyone wants the recipe, please post and I will email it to you. I love all my friends, they are so wonderful and as one neighbor said "I have never seen so many beautiful women go into one house at the same time".

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can a seven-year-old get RSV?

If they can then I am sure my son has it or he has the symptoms that would happen if it was possible. What a long couple of nights. He had asthma as a pre-schooler and it had gone away for 3/4 years! Some virus triggered the asthma and now we are back on Xopenex breathing treatments and inhaled steriods. Fortunately, I didn't dispose of my pulmo aide. Although I did have to scramble to get the tubing and mouth pieces, getting them on a Saturday would have been next to impossible (it is a nice perk to have a husband who is a PICU nurse and happened to be working!).

Off to try to get some much needed rest........