Saturday, November 8, 2008

A little better

She is feeling a little better,but she is still sleeping a lot and dealing with the side effects of the Darvocet,which are basically headaches and extreme nausea.Has drunk some broth again and a little apple juice so she is drinking some fluids and she is able to keep them down.

A few Hours later...

Well she is up brushing her teeth right now and she has eaten a bowl of applesauce and she says that it tasted good.She discovered that Benedryl works very well for her nausea and the headache is not as severe as it was earlier.

Hopefully she will feel even better tomorow.

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Bahar said...

I love you guys and just miss you Val. When you are feeling up to it I'd like to just come over and have some time just to sit and talk with you. I miss that and you very much. It was so nice to see you yesterday, but I could tell in your eyes that you were still recovering. Can't wait to see you Fri.