Sunday, November 16, 2008

On the mend!

So I am officially "on the mend" and doing great! The only draw back to my surgery was a few days of no cooking and my first Soup Night at my house was postponed untill later this month. On an occasional Saturday, during the Fall/Winter, I like to make a huge pot of soup, make some bread and invite friends over to eat and visit. It is a huge amount of fun!

We have been thrust into the Holidays with high 70's weather and I feel like I am in Phoenix. This past Friday night, me and some other Heart mom's had a Mom's Night Out at Piatti's, with lots of wine, food and dessert (you should have seen our bill!). But we had such an awesome time!

Winter school stuff is upon us and we will be busy with so many celebrations. But this is stuff I absolutely love. Stay tuned.

PS: Many people have asked where I got this beautiful header (the Hummingbird) at the top of my blog...well, tis' a painting my husband has done.

Aden's Fort Building

Alexia's cool new ride!

Mom's Night Out

Chicken Stew!

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